DETER - In security the line of defence is only as strong as the weakest link.

Understanding customer's needs and developing appropriate specifications so
objectives are achieved.

DETECT - Discover or catch intruders or attackers in the
performance of some act.

D-Four will analyse threats to customer sites and suggest appropriate
counter-measures to ensure that site security is effective, proportional and economic.

DELAY - To impede the penetration into, or progress of,
intruders or attackers around customer sites.

D-Four suggest effective physical measures to slow or repel intruders.

DEPLOY – To arrange in a position of readiness, or to move strategically.

The combination of detection and delay measures specified by D-Four will provide Response Forces with enough time to react against attacks or intrusions.

About D-Four

asc D-Four was formed in late 2011 to meet the growing requirement in the public and private sector for experienced, independent, unbiased protective security guidance for high-value sites and assets.

The company was formed by Derek McDonald who was, until 2011, employed as Senior Protective Security Advisor, with the Protective Security Advisory Team (PSAT), Security Services Group (SSG), MoD.

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