Thermal Imaging for Fire Prevention

The latest use for TI equipment is for Fire Prevention. Using “radiometric” TI sensors, temperatures can be monitored simply and accurately. Traditional Fire systems depend on sensing heat, smoke, or gases. Unfortunately, these systems only alarm once a fire has begun!

D-Four will help identify threats to clients and specify equipment to monitor selected areas and detect a RISE in temperature – indicating that a fire is extremely likely. This means action can be taken to prevent a fire beginning, potentially saving thousands of pounds in lost operating time, repairs to fire damage and increases in insurance premiums.

Typical applications installed already include:

  • – Remote surveillance of developing hot spots in Biomass storage areas
  • – Remote surveillance of chemical and petroleum storage areas
  • – Remote surveillance of Waste to Energy sites
  • – Identification of potentially problematic areas in existing electrical wiring
  • – Environmental savings through identifying heat wastage in power stations and other sites


Fire Prevention Security