Thermal Imaging (TI) is ideally suited to the monitoring and detection of client sites and assets. Unlike conventional CCTV, TI equipment is PASSIVE. Perimeters or areas under surveillance do not require light sources to illuminate them. This means that unwanted attention is not drawn to sites and significant energy and maintenance savings can be made in the long-term running costs. Where intruders or attackers set off alarms, they can be monitored with using TI cameras unaware that sites are reacting to intrusion attempts.

Thermal Imaging is ideally suited for use with Video Analytics software, this can reduce staff overheads as numbers can be reduced-where it is safe to do so.


Like CCTV, TI cameras can be fixed or PTZ and will work at short or long range. Where ultra long range is required, D-Four can provide advice on countermeasures and specify cooled TI cameras for greater sensitivity and performance.

Used as part of an Integrated Security Solution, thermal cameras will provide situational awareness and will enhance detection capabilities against intruders or attackers. Whether monitoring local perimeters or sites, or used for National Border surveillance, thermal cameras will enhance system security effectiveness. They offer total performance, day and night. 24/7 protection, 24/7 reliability.

D-Four can identify threats and specify appropriate countermeasure TI equipment, with functionality and capability authored to meet customer range and sensitivity requirements.

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